Google bets on a Colombian e-Health StartUp

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Google bets on a Colombian e-Health StartUp

Some Highlights of Arkangel Ai in the Google for StartUps Accelerator Program

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Yesterday Google published the Arkangel Ai story, something that makes us very excited, so today at the start of the day I sat down to return the intention and write about some of the higlights that we live with Google. As much as we are motivated by Google writing about Arkangel Ai maybe Google will say something like “Hey what a blast, Arkangel Ai published something about Google” :D you have to believe it. :D you have to believe it don’t you.

Google For StartUps Canada 2020

To begin with, let’s contextualize:

During the summer of 2020 we celebrated one of the most exciting news of the year, Arkangel Ai had been chosen by Google For StartUps as one of the 11 Canadian StartUps with the highest potential and that meant that we would participate in their 3-month acceleration program designed to bring the best of Google’s methodology, technology, programs and mentors to those StartUps with high growth potential and that have as a banner the implementation of artificial intelligence technologies to solve big problems of humanity, it filled us with illusion and pride to be able to live such a privilege.

The program is intensive based on Deep Dives and Workshops with great mentors and Google developers focused on product design, customer acquisition and leadership, as well as a comprehensive training of technical skills for the development of cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology.

From the technical perspective we absolutely transitioned our technology to Google Cloud Platform during the program and with the help of the Google development team and GCP native solutions we managed to reduce the disease detection times of Arkangel Ai algorithms by half, that is a huge achievement in our value propositions because every second in the healthcare system is a life or death factor, currently our average disease detection is at 19 seconds which is a significant advancement in our OKRs because we want to reach 10 seconds average per detection. GCP is now for us a fundamental tool for training, production and even storage of our application and has become one of our most important allies.

Google Cloud Platform

When it comes to leadership, there is a word tattooed in my mind: Moonshots!!! Have you heard that term before? It is prevalent in the innovation ecosystem, and not for less, it is a mindset of fierceness and conviction for those goals that are worth setting and accomplishing, even if they seem impossible. It is a standard of Arkangel Ai’s culture and Google has reaffirmed it for us, it’s great to see that what makes them great is that they set giant challenges, break them down into achievable goals and with great determination meet one after another until the goal no longer looks so impossible.

It’s something like:

“If it’s going to change the world, it’s worth it. If it looks impossible break it down into small accomplishments and get to work.” Simple but telling, isn’t it?

By the way, you would think that because they are people from Google they are unreachable superhumans to whom you can only write with the protocols dictated by tech royalty, and no, the reality is that it is surprising how hyper affable they are, always smiling and given to serve, it is exciting to see how collaborative is the most important technology ecosystem in the world and for Arkangel Ai is a pleasure to have felt among colleagues. Many thanks to the mentors who made us feel this way.

Moonshots, the ideas that will change the world

To finish I leave you a phrase that Barry Zuidgeest one of the Growth mentors told us: “If I had a product like Arkangel Ai I would sell millions of dollars a month, what they have is spectacular” I want to think like that every day, I want Arkangel Ai to reach the most remote places in the world and save millions of lives.

If you made it this far, let’s talk! If you want to know more about Arkangel Ai, the challenges we want to conquer or want to be our ally or scientific partner do not hesitate to write me, we need health innovators to join this great revolution, we will solve one of the most important challenges of humanity, EARLY DETECTION OF DISEASES.

You can see Arkangel Ai’s post told by Google in this Google link. Learn more about Google For StartUps Canada in this link from Google



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