How AI can detect diseases? and how we do it at Arkangel AI

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How AI can detect diseases? and how we do it at Arkangel AI

2 minutes of reading. What is and how does Arkangel Ai work, the Artificial Intelligence that detects diseases and has been accelerated by Google for Start Ups.

2 minutes of reading.

To begin with, we would like to contextualize the problem with a world-class example: Diabetes, a disease that affects 425 million people between the ages of 20 and 79 worldwide and that can cost a country like Colombia or Mexico up to 4% of its GDP.

If you are a person diagnosed with diabetes, between the ages of 45 and 50, you will enter into a protocol of care and attention, which includes important checkups. One of these important checkups is to visit the ophthalmologist once a year to evaluate that you are not generating a loss of vision due to Diabetes.

However, just because there is a PROTOCOL does not mean that we can really comply with it, especially when we think of the health system as a complex structure, where many are left without coverage, it is stressful, there is a lot of non-compliance, and it requires a lot of paperwork, which becomes more of an administrative issue than a health issue. This added to the little discipline we have as a culture where we do not give value to health until it is too late. This happens with many pathologies, which in this particular case are caused by Diabetes.

Doctors are the pillar of Arkangel Ai

Diabetic retinopathy, for example, is the alarming loss of vision in patients with Diabetes, which detected early can prevent them from going blind. Timely treatment is effective with a high success rate and a retinography (fundus photograph), which costs an average of $10USD, plus the interpretation of an Ophthalmologist, is enough to detect its suspicion.

According to Dr. Olga Martínez Giralt, Ophthalmologist at the Bonafonte Ophthalmology Center in the city of Barcelona, “it is surprising how many people arrive with an advanced stage of diabetic retinopathy, even close to proliferation, without knowing it; in fact, we have had patients who did not know they were diabetic until the eye complications were detected”.

This is where the use of new technologies such as AI can generate great value. In the case of Arkangel AI we create algorithms to support the diagnosis of diseases through medical images, Learn about the pathologies that Arkangel Ai detects here, where we use ultralight and accurate computer vision algorithms to interpret these images and detect signs and biomarkers that show a probability of having some pathology.

In the case of Diabetic Retinopathy, Arkangel AI interprets the Fundus photograph generating several layers of image processing, to detect signs that suggest a suspicion of Diabetic Retinopathy such as microaneurysms, hemorrhages, exudates, neovascularization, etc. and then issue a report indicating annotations and a % of suspicion of the pathology, then this report is used by a specialist to issue a final diagnosis and treat the patient.

Interpretation of an Eye Fundus by Arkangel Ai Ai

At Arkangel AI we perform this analysis in 19 seconds with an accuracy of over 90%. However, the important thing is not speed as a vain indicator, but speed as an indicator of greater data processing capacity, Arkangel Ai can interpret medical images of an entire neighborhood in a day and organize the data to prioritize patients. This allows endless benefits to the patient, since we can reach remote areas of the planet where there is little access to health, allows screening and decongest waiting times in priority care centers, and in the particular case of diabetic retinopathy can help you if you have diabetes to have visual health, and avoid blindness.

Arkangel AI is a software designed for hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies, health secretariats and any entity whose mission is to care for and improve the health of people. It allows to detect diseases accurately, quickly, and with a high data processing capacity.

It is 100% software, is hosted in the cloud and has a mobile application that works offline, although it can also be attached to the medical IT infrastructure of hospitals according to requirements. Any entity with an active license can log on to to select the detector they would like to use from the options currently available: Respiratory Pathologies, Eye Pathologies and Parasitic Diseases, and by means of a medical image perform detections, you can even suggest a development of your interest at this link.

Arkangel Ai medical reviews

To finish we would like to answer a question we are constantly asked: will a technology like Arkangel AI replace Doctors? the answer is ABSOLUTELY NO, Arkangel AI is a tool that exponentially multiplies the capacity of doctors and the performance of Hospitals, increases coverage, data processing capacity, information organization and the ability to bring the knowledge and legacy of medicine to the places where it is needed. Healthcare professionals are the baton of our technology and Arkangel AI exists by and for them.

If you would like to learn more about Arkangel Ai and have a chat about how Arkangel Ai can impact your organization and all the challenges we can complete together with technologies and digital transformation write me without hesitation: or schedule a meeting Here, coffee is on us.

The future is now.


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