Join Arkangel AI and other eight startups selected by Google to showcase their tech at Demo day November 26

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Join Arkangel AI and other eight startups selected by Google to showcase their tech at Demo day November 26

Mark your calendars: We’re hosting a virtual showcase to wrap up our three-month Google for Startups Accelerator Canada! Hear directly from each of our founders on their impactful businesses and inspiring program successes.

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Here is the full-list of the presenting startups:

  1. Arkangel AI is an artificial intelligence algorithm for early detection of preventable diseases, generates results 20x faster, 10x more scalable, 5x more cost-effective, and all this with an accuracy above 95%.

  2. Bridge7 uses AI to scale clinical expertise to improve the efficiency, consistency and quality of delivering cancer treatment plans.

  3. Curv Health empowers health providers to build, prescribe and remotely monitor digital therapies. Providers get more efficient business models and decreased churn, and patients get better experiences and improved outcomes.

  4. Eyeread believes that the time kids spend on screens is the biggest untapped opportunity for learning today. Their purpose is to support educators in the delivery of the best education to all kids through video games they love. Eyeread, the developer of Squiggle Park and Dreamscape, builds digital literacy games that motivate kids to master and love reading through personalized and adaptive games.

  5. Kabo is a Canadian pet food brand that delivers the healthiest dog food customized to a dog’s dietary needs and delivered to customers through contactless delivery. In just 12 months, Kabo has delivered over 250,000+ customized meals to dogs all across Canada.

  6. Longan Vision provides a professional smart engineering product, platform, and solution of enhanced vision and communication devices. Their current focus is AR glass, aka FVS, for firefighter departments with enhanced sensing capabilities.

  7. LumenEd is simplifying the process for tutors, tutoring companies and education organizations to run their business, match with students, and provide great tutoring services. Their goal is to increase access to personalized learning, and give educators the freedom to operate from anywhere at a lower cost without purchasing a complex set of disparate tools.

  8. ProteinQure is a computational platform for protein drug design combining molecular dynamics, machine learning and biophysical models. They partner with large pharma such as AstraZeneca, to help create de-novo therapeutics for challenging diseases.

  9. Semios offers a precision farming platform that provides real-time crop data and pest management tools for growers of tree fruit, nut and vine crops. Leveraging a proprietary, in-orchard IoT wireless network, machine learning, and big data analytics, Semios helps farmers manage insect pests, disease, frost and irrigation.

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