Arkangel AI first place Everis Global Awards of +2,200 companies and 10 countries

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Arkangel AI first place Everis Global Awards of +2,200 companies and 10 countries

The Colombian startup Arkangel AI has won the Everis Global 2020 Award for its artificial intelligence software that allows to detect, quickly and accurately, pathologies such as Malaria, Covid-19 and other 19 diseases of high prevalence in Latin America.

Everis Digital stage

A software that quickly detects diseases such as malaria or COVID-19, wins the everis Colombia 2020 Award. Arkangel AI, winner of the Award, will represent Colombia in the international phase of the everis 2020 Awards.

Laura Velázquez, President and co-founder of Arkangel AI, has expressed that “56% of the deaths that happen in the world today are caused by diseases that we can cure, but are not being detected in time. Our software is 20 times faster, 10 times more scalable, 5 times cheaper, and 95% accurate. We are currently running pilot tests in 30 hospitals in Colombia with a population of more than 5 million people”.

Everis President Noemi Sanin Noemí Sanín, President of Global Everis Foundation

The everis Award encourages and supports innovative proposals with high social impact and technological base within the following categories: new business models in the digital economy, biotechnology and health and industrial technologies.

Stanford Denning Co-Director, John Etchemendy Stanford Denning Co-Director, John Etchemendy

This year, the call received +2,000 projects from 10 countries around the world. The winner gets specialized mentoring from i-deals (everis Group), EU 60,000 in non-equity investment and EUR 10,000 in consulting from Everis Group.

Fun Facts:

First time a Latin American company has won in the last 19 years and 2.

  1. First time a company founded by a woman has won.

Everis Trophy Jose Zea and Laura Velasquez cofounders at arkangel ai Laura Velasquez and Jose Zea, Co-Founders of Arkangel AI

“We make available to entrepreneurs all the capabilities we have at everis to support them. The global component is undoubtedly a great attraction and of great value, as it allows entrepreneurs to meet and interact with peers in Latin America and Europe,” said Noemi Sanin, President of everis Global Foundation.

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You can watch the final of the event in this link of youtube Hugs,



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