Arkangel AI first place at Dawson's Den 2018

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Arkangel AI first place at Dawson's Den 2018

We have a treat for you this year! We won the grand finale of Dawson’s Den. It took place right after the evening keynote speaker Vincenzo Guzzo, who was also one of the judges. We meet the other finalists and witness the creativity, talent and courage of these Dawson College students and alumni. The judges selected Arkangel AI as the winner among the other three finalists.


We are all inspired by success stories but often the real learning is from how you bounce back from failures.

It is only through learning from our failure that we can learn and achieve success. We often hear the saying how it is important to “fail fast”. The reason for this is that a business failure can actually provide the foundations of a viable business concept that has the ability to succeed. Take the example of Groupon. When the founders started their business start-up it was actually a social media site called the Point that was created as a means of connecting people together for social activism.

After many cash investments in a concept that was going absolutely nowhere, the founders were forced to take a step back, take stock, switch gears and create a highly successful and extremely profitable discount coupon service that we now know as Groupon. Without that failure these founders would have never been able to realize this success.

On this ocasion Paula Gomez one of our team members pitched at Dawson’s week - Dawson Initial Pitches. It was awesome to hear the ideas of these awesome entrepreneurs:

  • Paula Andrea ~ Arkangel AI
  • Polina Yankovich ~ Sugar-free Collegue
  • Muhammad Shahzain Agmed ~ Better safe the sorry
  • Elizabeth & Camila ~ ReLief
  • Jonah Hoppenheim ~ Grip-aid
  • Kevin Decarie Bergeron ~ Immifill presenting Immisuite
  • Hyejin Song ~ Meditok
  • Lijiang Xu & Wei Shi ~ Cyber Leap Education
  • Alex Gravel ~ Green Mall
  • Sébastien Angevil ~ Mission Deliver

We are really happy to recieve this award from Dawson Collegue and the invaluable mentorship of Vincenzo Guzzo from Cinemas Guzzo

With this Award valuable mentorship YES! Montreal, CAD 500 in cash, and an iPad to keep fulling our startup.

Link to Dawson’s Entrepreneurship Website!

Have an awesome day!



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