Arkangel AI is a finalist of the World Entrepreneurship Cup 2020

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Arkangel AI is a finalist of the World Entrepreneurship Cup 2020

The finalists were selected from more than 2,200 applications and will present their business pitch to an evaluation panel made up of Alain Lacour, founder and president of Lyra; Sergio Zafra, manager of the Startup Business division of Amazon Web Services; Marta Forero, co-founder of Ubits and Ana María Muñoz, founder of Makers Colombia Community.

This panel will select the entrepreneur who will then compete with other countries around the world for the opportunity to reach the grand final in Saudi Arabia and access an acceleration process developed by the EWC, in which they will receive personalized training and mentoring, depending on the status of their venture.

The finalists are:

  • Arkangel AI: It is located in Bogota, is a venture led by Laura Velasquez Herrera, specializing in the immediate detection of viral and chronic diseases through artificial intelligence, using algorithms designed for calculations of infection levels and evolution, and thus optimize decision-making in health centers in seconds.

  • DataKnow]( This is a Medellín-based venture led by Carlos Andrés Murillo Gallego. Its objective is the democratization of data analytics and artificial intelligence through the use of technological tools to create solutions that add value and improve the internal processes of companies and the decisions they make through this data.

  • Ecovery: A Boyacense company located in Sogamoso and led by Juan Pablo Bayona, is committed to a sustainable world through the recovery and recycling of industrial waste, turning it into low-carbon solutions that serve the concrete, cement, construction, fertilizer and steel industries.

  • Innovakit]( Is an enterprise directed by Hugo Andrés López Fisco, and is located in the municipality of Mosquera in Cundinamarca, from where they work with coffee growing communities to accompany them in their transformation towards advanced coffee growing through a new generation of specialized producers with knowledge, traceability, technologies and community effort, to produce exclusive coffees with a wide international market.

  • Kiwibot]( This is another Medellin-based venture, led by Sergio Pachón, focused on robotics and advanced logistics. He has designed intelligent robots to transport and deliver homes in some universities in the United States and are being tested in Medellin and Taiwan, fully remotely controlled through the Internet, GPS system and with total autonomy.

A big hug to the winner Innovakit for his great work in promoting agrotech and representing us worldwide.

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