Arkangel AI makes an alliance with Alma Medica and will impact 250 hospitals

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Arkangel AI makes an alliance with Alma Medica and will impact 250 hospitals

Arkangel AI announces the signing of a strategic partnership agreement with Alma Medical for the distribution of its Artificial Intelligence in more than 250 Hospitals worldwide.

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We want to share a very important news for us, we will implement Arkangel AI technology in more than 250 hospitals in Europe and LatAm, thanks to a contract we signed with Alma Medical, a leading European company in the medical technology market present in more than 400 hospitals.

  • We signed a strategic partnership agreement that will allow the technology developed by Arkangel AI to be distributed in more than 250 hospitals worldwide.

  • This partnership will enable hundreds of healthcare professionals to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their clinical work, explore its impact and optimize processes thanks to the technology.

This agreement will allow hundreds of healthcare professionals to integrate Artificial Intelligence into their clinical workflow, explore its impact on patients’ health and gradually optimize the processes in which the technology is integrated.

We will take this opportunity to learn more about the needs of healthcare professionals, the processes where AI can play a strategic role and develop new and better technologies for the ecosystem. This partnership is an important step to offer all ALMA user physicians and scientists the opportunity to become implementers and users of Artificial Intelligence technology in one of the ecosystems where this technology can have the greatest impact “, says Laura Velasquez, president of Arkangel AI.

**Why is this partnership important for the healthcare ecosystem?

Despite all the hype around Artificial Intelligence in healthcare there are still major challenges in bringing this technology closer to clinical work and unlocking its full potential. This strategic alliance is a giant step forward for Arkangel as it allows us to bring the best of our technology to Alma users in a simple and scalable way. Little by little we are getting more professionals to see in AI a way to enhance their work, “ explains Leonardo Velasquez, growth leader of Arkangel AI.

Thanks to this alliance, Alma Medical users will have access to Arkangel AI detectors and will be able to perform detections from Alma’s platform with high speed, accuracy and excellent cost-effectiveness. The cost per Arkangel AI detection can vary depending on the number of detections performed. A screening performed by Arkangel can be “5x” more cost-effective compared to the clinical standard, which will represent a benefit of up to 1804.76% ROI for Alma Medical and Arkangel AI users.

Alma Medical’s software processes hundreds of thousands of medical images per day from the medical centers where it is installed. One of its functionalities is the advanced visualization of medical images in radiology including X-rays, which represents a valuable opportunity for Arkangel AI to impact radiology departments with its respiratory disease detector.

Many healthcare institutions prioritize the use of X-rays because of their cost-effectiveness; they are medical images that obtain a lot of patient information at a considerably low cost. Therefore, integrating AI algorithms into X-ray reports is an excellent way to increase the performance and scalability of disease detection, “ says Leonardo Velasquez, growth leader at Arkangel AI.

We want to advance the mission of all healthcare professionals with the power of AI to make them faster, more accurate and ubiquitous. Doing so can mean millions of lives accessing a more efficient and accessible healthcare system for all, “ concludes Jose Zea, CEO of Arkangel AI.

About Arkangel AI: Arkangel AI is a Colombian-Canadian e-Health StartUp powered by Google, Everis and Novartis specialized in the development of Artificial Intelligence for the early detection of preventable diseases. It was founded at McGill University and has launched several detectors on its platform for the detection and classification of respiratory, ocular and parasitic diseases such as Malaria, Tuberculosis, Covid-19 Pneumonia, Diabetic Retinopathy and Glaucoma among other diseases detectable through medical images. It has been accelerated by Google For Start-Ups Canada in 2020 and awarded the top prize of the Everis Foundation in the same year. Learn more about Arkangel AI here.

Respiratory Pathology Detector

About Alma Medical: Alma Medical is a software company specialized in the development of advanced solutions based on digital medical imaging for the entire healthcare ecosystem. Founded in Barcelona, Spain, Alma has established itself as a leader in the medical technology market with more than 5,000 licenses installed in over 400 hospitals in different countries around the world. Learn more about Alma Medical here.

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